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    Hi There!
    Im still looking for a good broad-spectrum preservative. The reccomendations of Marie I haven’t found yet (liquid Germall Plus, Optiphen Plus, Phenonip, Germaben, or Geogard ECT powder or liquid). Haven’t found a replacement either. I got Preservative Cap-5 from TKB-trading since… well since i don’t know much about it, I was ordering anyway and needed some.

    Any advise from others in the EU? What do you use and why?

    Thanks! Suhela


    Hi Suhela, I live in Spain and it’s quite easy to find good preservatives. I don’t know where in Europe you live, but you can try Aroma Zone for Geogard (that’s where I got mine), shipping costs for mainland Europe are quite reasonable.

    Greet Vanlaer

    Hi Suhela,


    This is a great supplier from Germany. He has a wide range of products, for a good price and reasonably shipping costs.

    Best regards,


    I went to go make something this morning only to discover that I am out of my favourite preservative: Liquid Germall Plus. So went to Gracefruit only to discover they are sold out! So had to go on a hunt that last a few hours trying to broaden my horizons on preservatives. I currently live in Ireland which means everything has the potential for some form of mould/fungus so needed to make sure that certain boxes are ticked more so than others. I settled on Euxyl K940 and paid an arm and a leg in shipping costs.
    Damn this living on an island thing!



    I’ve used both geogard cosgard 221 INCI: (benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, aqua) and sodium benzoate and sorbate complex INCI: (aqua, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate) deonding on ph, solubility and that kind of things. I also use natural chelator pa-3 (from Skinchakra) to boost preservative system.

    First one is apparently water soluble 0,6 % but it has broader pH range, so I use it in lotions etc. Second one I use in water based, low pH projects (pH ~4-5) like toners. Oh, I usually include some sodium lactate or sodium citrate to make sure pH stays were it should.

    I’ve bought these from Aroma-zone, Skinchakra or locally from Finland. I’m really happy how they work. Sometimes I combine these 2 together. Hope this helps!

    Best wishes,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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