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    People who make comments like cdiop’s below make me want to bang my head repeatedly against a wall…….

    Cdiop’s comment is too hilarious for words!!


    You crack me up. They must have gotten the unicorn horn stuck up their bum!


    Hehehe. I love people who forget basic biology and chemistry. Makes my heart go pitter patter. Lmao


    Lordy, I am currently resisting the urge to pull my hair out. It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it… 😛


    I sometimes find it a bit difficult when people ask me “are your products chemical free?”. I know they really mean safe with emphasis on natural ingredients. I use many natural ingredients, but people consider natural different things. Are micas natural? It can be found in nature but not those we use. What about cetyl alcohol? Not “natural” but not unsafe, and definitely a chemical. I usually end up saying something like “I use many natural ingredients to create safe products” though it’s not exclusively “natural”.


    I know that’s what some people are trying to say, but there are some people that I think really do believe that some products are “chemical-free”. I, too, have tried to explain the “natural” vs derived from nature, that literally everything is a chemical, etc….and I remember having a friend literally wail “but I don’t want chemicals in my cosmetics!!”. She was so upset I didn’t even go any further trying to explain. It was pointless upsetting her further. She wants to believe the voodoo gurus, so who am I to tell her that she’s wrong?

    I like your diplomatic answer, Joy! Since I just make for myself and family/friends, I can do whatever I want and use all the darn chemicals I please! Hahahaha!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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