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    Ugh! Just went to make some face scrub and my scale won’t work. Last time I used it was a week ago and it was just fine. Display lights up but doesn’t have any numbers which is kind of a main feature of a scale. I have been using Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale.

    This is actually the second scale of this brand and model I’ve had. First one my sister bought for me and it died within 2 months. Was trying to figure out which one to buy as a replacement and was talking to her about my frustration about it quitting so quickly and she bought the same one for me. Was working great for around another 2 months and then it died. I haven’t put weights on their over its capacity, not even close actually. I turn it off when not in use, put the plastic covers back on it, so I don’t think the issue has been caused by me. One scale breaking could be a fluke but two breaking seems like lousy manufacturing. Both were ordered on amazon and of course are past the replacement/return window.

    So can anyone recommend a scale that is good quality but not super expensive? I don’t have an unlimited budget and already spent a boatload on ingredients. I noticed that prices for scales can vary widely but I don’t know if there is a direct correlation between price and quality. Bonus points for something that can be ordered on amazon since I don’t want to wait to make stuff. Was really looking forward to making more of my face scrub but no the stupid scale had to break. And just FYI I don’t make soap so I don’t need anything with a large weight capacity.


    I have a kitchen scale that I bought from Target 3 years ago that is made by Taylor. It has done great so far! It weighs up to 11 lbs. and smallest increment is 1 gram. I think it was aroun $25-$30. I bought a second scale off Amazon for smaller increment measurements for around $9-$10 made by AWS. It has also held up well.

    I bought this one. Its held up for a year, measures to 0.01 grams. Cost less than $20 Canadian 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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