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    I’ve been having some serious problems with shampoo and conditioner. It seemed no matter what I did, my oily hair just couldn’t stand anything that wasn’t a “detergent” conditioner. I tried the soap and acid rinse (greasy hair after 1 day), I tried just soap (tangled, frizzy, not-shiny hair for 3 days), and I tried a homemade conditioner (greasy hair after half a day). This went on for about 6 months. Finally, I gave up, and when I was traveling, I used my sister’s Aussie conditioner and BAM. My hair was amazingly bouncy and shiny and not greasy for a good 2-3 days. What on earth??

    In any case, I’m currently using the Function of Beauty custom shampoo and conditioner because it’s one of the only things that doesn’t make my hair jump off the deep end on either side (either too dry or too greasy). Anyone have any advice for homemade stuff, or should I just stick with buying the products?


    I’ve been experimenting with non-CP shampoo bars lately and hope to share a recipe for one soon-ish; it’s quite slow going as each bar lasts forEVER, meaning my iteration cycles are quite long haha. I’ve been learning the basics from POI and going from there. I find the surfactant ones leave my hair feeling cleaner/squeakier, but then it also gets a sort of “glossy” look to it that kind of looks dirty (but doesn’t feel it) faster. It’s rather interesting! Anywho, I’m having fun playing with SCI, SLSa, coco glucoside, and Amphosol CG. Fun!


    I’ve tried lots of homemade stuff trying to get rid of detergents from my hair. I found cp soap and acidic rinses no matter how hard and long I tried, still had me looking like a greaseball. I returned to store bought for a while until I found Shangri-La. it’s a more homemade natural product made in Yunnan and my hair is loving it!

    At 100rmb per bottle, I’m still actively searching for a way to make my own stuff, but am content. My hair is happy, it’s a soap and a conditioner that is handmade that I know works and I know I am helping the locals in Yunnan have jobs.

    I say stick with the bottles, but try new stuff as it comes along. It’s what I’m doing as I’m in the same boat as you!


    I plan to give Marie’s shampoo bar alternatives a try because making all these things has really filled the quiet hours of my life. But I guess I’m lucky that the CP soap and citric acid rinses work for me.
    Actually it makes no sense because I have extremely porous hair and the soap, as we know, opens up those strands even more. But in the 21 months of using soap, my hair behaves in humidity a tad better. Just a tad. Or pinch, dash or smidgen. (My new itty bitty spoons are always in my thoughts)

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