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    Oh my goodness….every time I look at a yummy skin care recipe from Sweet Marie, I see another ingredient I don’t have – and certainly don’t know how to use it. [[sigh]] How do you start learning about all the additives? the polysorbates, the silks, the olivem300, and the list goes on and on….. And how about those surfactants (sp?) and bubbly additives and MY HEAD IS SPINNING! Where in the world do you start, for goodness sakes? Humblebee, please send help! 🙂


    Yes, it is all overwhelming and head spinning, I agree! So much to learn! I honestly don’t know how you systemically learn all this. I just buy ingredients, make stuff, sometimes screw it up, make it again, and read, read, read! The more you dive into this hobby, the more you realize there is so much to learn, especially if you are interested in learning the science and chemistry behind it. I am not a beginner, but I still have lots to learn.


    Start at her beginning and grow from there. She is six years in, so her supply has grown in that time. I confess to jumping ahead with some ingredients, but most things I actually make are earlier recipes that I actually have the supplies for. Except surfactants…I jumped in early to make my shampoo and grew from there 🙂


    Yes, I agree with She! A good place to start learning is Marie’s free DIY for beginners course. She emails it to you with a list of ingredients to make all the recipes. They are your basic starter DIY standards, if I remember correctly. It will give you some experience making things and either whet your appetite and interest, or let you know if this is really not your thing (which is totally unimaginable but some people are weird….just kidding!!)! Hahaha!!


    I’d suggest going to the “Best of…” posts!

    Humblebee & Me

    That is where I would start!


    I so relate. I have spent so much money on ingredients over time and my wish list grows faster than I can possibly buy more. If you read Marie’s articles, you will see that even she confesses to buying a bunch of ingredients and realizing later that they were a poor use of money. Not every ingredient you come across on this blog is a must have. There are definitely core basics that appear again and again through recipes through the years versus a phase of using something because she has it. She is always adding because a big part of the fun of this hobby is trying out and getting to know new ingredients. As you reach a stage where you have a lot of the basics covered you will find yourself looking for new ingredients to play with. The nice thing about this blog is how you can hear about other people’s experiences.


    I relate to this as well! My advise is to take your time and to start small! Small quantitie, a small amount of recipes, small batches and a small amount of reading into it. And start with recipes of others and take small steps creating your own.

    I’d say logg which recipes appeal to you and what is used in it. In a while it becomes clear what you “really need”, what you “want” and what you want to skip. Dont forget to count in how much you will actually use (yourselves or to give to others). Take a few weeks/ months to create your first shopping lists…

    I use to get so excited that i tend to bite more off than i can chew and well… then you end tossing stuff since you just bought too much, or find out you dont like the smell of ur big bottle of avocado-oil, or you just don’t remember what you wanted to do with it. LoL. I still feel like its a once-in-a-life-time-chance when i order, but trying to decrease (shipping) costs by buying a lot at once really doesn’t work great (or relaxing). 😛

    And also take your time to learn. By making recipes and reading the info from Marie, youll get familiar with the ingredients one step at a time. Dont forget to logg a bunch. You will forget. 😉


    Excellent advice Suhela!

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