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    Hi friends!
    I’m looking for a bit of guidance on how most people add their S.L. and sugar to CP soap. I’ve been making soap for quite awhile now, and I know there will always be new things for me to learn. I’ve been using sodium lactate and adding sugar to my CP batter for about the last 5 years. Before that, I didn’t see the need…but now I couldn’t do without them! So until yesterday, I always added both the SL and sugar into my oils…everything gets mixed well and it works for me. But yesterday, while making a special shea butter soap for a friend, I added the SL and sugar to the lye water instead. That was a mistake! Both ingredients sort of “coagulated” and crystallized, within a few seconds of touching the lye water. I gave it a stir, and came back later when it was time to soap. There was still a clump of what looked like grainy, clear sugar, so I scooped it out and continued on. After mixing to a medium trace, I poured into my mold and put it in the freezer.(it had milk in it.) During clean up, I noticed another small clump of ?sugar, ? SL in my mixing bowl. Today when I cut the soap, there were a few (maybe 3?) tiny holes, about the size of a tiny air bubble, which contained a syrupy liquid. I scraped it off with my finger, and there was no burning. So I’m hopeful that the liquid isn’t going to be harmful. Has anyone else ever experienced this? If so, do you think some clumpy bits from the lye water didn’t get mixed in properly….or did I do something else wrong? After 20 years of soaping, I’ve never had this happen! Any and all help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
    Lisa (PS I used 1 tsp SL and 3 tsp sugar for my 1 pound oil amount.)

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