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    Any dutchies over here with suppliers-advise? Im mostly still looking for cheap tins, amber glass jars with black cap, amber glass spaybottles, black round labels and especially silia microspheres and a preservative like liquid germall plus (will post about that somewhere else too).

    So far (I’v searched my ass of and ) I’ve used:
    Cosmetics & packaging @NL: hekserij, avantgardecosmetics, jojoli, aromatherapie-info, anthemis aromatherapie, natural heroes
    Cosmetics @England: New Directions; best prices raw materials, not much packaging (multiply the price in GBP with 1,5 to get the price in € including taxes and shipping @jan 2018)
    Packaging @Germany:Flessenland (bit high shipment unfortunally)
    Other (oils, EO’s etc) @NL: pit-pit, biologischetoko
    Other (oils, EO’s etc) @USA:; low shipping costs (and only about half of the time taxes) (very good prices on supplements like Now Foods, fast shipping)
    Equipment like the small spatula’s and tiny measuringspoons Marie uses @USA:
    Zavko sells for good prices and ships to The Netherlands for only a few € unlike amazon/ ebay etc.
    Ingredients and packaging especially for make-up @USA: tkbtrading; I will be ordering soon. Unfortunally the shippingcosts are INSANE (like $50 on a order of $100). So if anyone in The Netherlands (or even EU) wants to combine shipment to lower the costs, count me in! Ive also askes Borderlinx to add TKB to their list of shops, this compagny reduces shippingcosts if you dont have an adress overseas.

    I’ve also looked at the others listed by Marie but they didn’t have good enough goods/ prices opposed to the shippingcosts to The Netherlands. ((Gracefruit (UK), Mystic Moments (UK), Naissance (UK), Soap Kitchen (UK), Bay House Aromatics (UK), Aroma-Zone (France), Waldehoe (Austria), Kosmetikmacherei (Austria), Cremas Caseras (Spain), Oragnic Makers (Sweden), (Bulgaria), Orestis Craft Center (Greece)).

    Greet Vanlaer

    Hello Suhela,

    Thanks for the links (I’m from your neighbourhood, Belgium).

    I order essential oils for a very good price in the Netherlands at:

    Bottles and tins I get from this supplier in Hungary:

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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