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    Reading your comments is making me excited to get my stuff. I got the coffee grinder today, and all the butters and oils too. Belinda you mentioned Sarah’s recipe, what is that and where do I find it?

    First thing I’m making is lip gloss for my 15 year old


    Oh you are so lucky! I am waiting for the chance to make stuff with my neice so I can play with colours on a willing and happy participant. Can’t wait to see pictures!


    You’re rocking! In this area, under Troubleshooting: Cake Mascara, that’s where we’re pondering the joys of mascara.


    Sarah, aka MiniCooper is trying to dupe a cake mascara she likes from Besame Cosmetics. Like Cyn mentioned, it’s under the Troubleshooting header. We are all chiming in, trying to help her brainstorm ideas/ingredients to get her to the consistency and color she’s looking for. It’s been interesting to follow her progress. Since I’m going to have to change up some of Marie’s recipes due to a beeswax allergy, I’m getting some great ideas in regards to mascara and eyeliner.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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