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    Arrrrgh! The joys of VPN’s and internet in China!

    But yay! A place to put my feet up, grab a cup of tea and discuss the great things in life that makes everyone’s eyes glaze over as I demand their skin to try new stuff on. Or I talk about stuff and they just don’t even understand. I’m very used to talking to myself these days.

    So! Hello other prolific posters! It’s great to meet you and learn more about you! I love hearing about people’s back stories and the things they have done.

    So! I’m Penny (really Barb, I had some issues years ago and now it’s just a habit to use Penny online), and I am a Canadian living in China where I’ve been living for the past fifteen years. It’s a fantastic place and one I’ve been allowed to watch grow and experience history first hand for so many things. House arrest is amazing when you are DIY’er. While everyone else is complaining about being bored you’re secretly praying this will go on for a little while longer as you need more soap. More lotions. More! More! More!

    I can’t wait to be able to talk to you guys about colours and the little measurement changes you’ve made to your recipes!

Viewing 451 post (of 451 total)