As I’m sure you can readily surmise, I am never at a loss when people ask me what I like to do in my free time. Similarly, my shelves and cupboards are never at a loss for things in tins and bars and bottles and what not. That said, though, I am not always the most organized when it comes to ensuring I have Christmas gifts on hand—last year I nearly entirely ran out of soap! Disgraceful. So, in an effort to collect my thoughts, and perhaps help collect yours, here are ten ideas for homemade Christmas gifts (and the recipes).


Hand Salve
A nice, herb-infused hand salve is always useful, especially in the dead of winter when skin can shrivel up like a raisin. This makes an especially thoughtful gift if you know a person has recently gotten into something like guitar playing that requires the use (and abuse) of their hands.


Hair Pins
These are more of a stocking stuffer than anything else, but hairpins are just so useful that I think they’re a great gift for anybody with long hair. If you had to buy a package of 500 like I did, tie 20 or so together with a ribbon and add them to a stocking, along with some usage instructions.


Face Serum
Since my argan oil (USA / Canada) serum and I are never far apart, and everybody I’ve ever introduced to it has loved it, I feel like this would make a pretty awesome gift.


A Hot Bean Bag
For owners of old houses, sore muscles, or both, a hot beanbag is a great gift, especially in December.


A Small Cosmetics Bundle
A little gathering of my strawberry shimmer stick, brightlighter, and bronzer stick will leave any cosmetics nut pretty happy—and likely rather impressed at your craftiness as well!


Bath Salts
The perfect gift for anybody who loves to thaw their toes in the tub, a small jar of Christmas-scented bath salts are just the thing. Present them in a pretty jar or bag, and lace them with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and oranges.


Essential Oil Headache Eraser
The perfect gift for anybody in your life who suffers from constant headaches. Thoughtful & useful—pretty much the ultimate gift.


Tiger Balm
This legendary balm is a must have in my life, hot or cold. Any athletes or people with sore backs in your life will really appreciate having a tin of the homemade version in their medicine cabinet.


A Natural Hair Care KitIf you know somebody who invests a lot of time and money into their hair, why not gift them an assortment of natural haircare products? Some shampoo bars, some hair balm, and a nice wooden comb makes a great little gift pack.