Whipped Minty Foot Scrub

I really like going barefoot during the summer. My bathtub and typically clean floors really wish I wouldn’t. There’s something about dirty feet that just end up being a whole different level of dirty. You’ll give them what feels like a fairly dedicated sudsing with a...

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Eucalyptus Mint Foot Butter

In theory, sandal season is on its way. I say "in theory" because right now the concept of spring seems more like a sad, mocking joke rather than the (supposedly) current season. It hasn't been warmer than -10°C at 7am for weeks. Our highs are 10–20°C colder than is...

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Eucalyptus Mint Foot Cream

I can't believe that in all the posts I've shared here (upwards of 1000 now!), I've yet to share a foot cream! There's a much-loved foot butter and a relaxing foot soak or two, but no foot cream—until today. This Eucalyptus Mint Foot Cream is a continuation of...

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Dead Sea Foot Soak

Whenever I go to yoga I become re-acquainted with the state of my feet. A few forward folds and some yogi gripping and I'm thinking I need to whip up a DIY pedicure—stat. Then I leave class and completely forget. But I finally remembered! This wonderfully fresh...

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Tingly Eucalyptus Peppermint Foot Scrub

It's nearing the end of July, and if you love running about barefoot in the summer as much as I do, your feet probably need a bit of TLC. Lucky for your feet (and mine), this awesome scrub is just the thing. This scrub gets its scrubby goodness from a bunch of salt,...

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Orange & Tea Tree Foot Soak

I was in yoga class the other day, looking at my bare feet while hanging out in butterfly pose, and I was bit appalled by what I saw. Dry, flaky scaly bits were peeling away from my heels and the balls of my feet, and it was pretty gross, so I decided to do something...

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Rocky Mountain Foot Butter

Kristin wrote me with the most lovely sounding recipe request—she was looking for a “rich, tingly foot butter that smells like a pine tree”. Mmmm. As a lover of all things forest scented, I absolutely had to make this awesome (and as of yet hypothetical) rocky...

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Seaweed Scrub Foot Mask

If your feet are feeling a touch tough after a summer of cavorting about in sandals (or less), this seaside scented foot scrub is just the thing. If you’re in a hurry you can scrub and go, or you can apply it as a mask for a bit of an at-home pedicure. Gritty rhassoul...

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Barefoot Balm

I think one of my favourite things about summer is ditching shoes and going barefoot. As a kid I'd frequently return home with totally blackened feet that grew tough and leathery over the summer months. Now, sadly, I don't have months-long summer vacations, which...

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Tingly Peppermint Foot Mask

I love to walk in the summer, especially in a new town, or when I have friends in town, which makes Calgary seem all shiny and new again. Haley came to visit me this summer, and oh, how we walked. On one particular Sunday we traipsed all throughout Inglewood, sifting...

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Copycat Lush Foot Mask

I found this foot mask on the Lush website last summer. I was just as confused as you probably are right now. A mask... for feet? Wha? Anyhow, I was clearly intrigued enough to jot down the list of familiar-sounding ingredients and stuff it away somewhere. I just...

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