Steamer Trunk Solid Perfume

This fantastic Steamer Trunk Solid Perfume conjures up memories of going through old trunks and boxes, looking for an old blanket, perhaps, or a dress your grandmother once wore. There's a deep, rich scent of old wood and decades-old perfume from the carefully folded...

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June Solstice Perfume

This lovely amber perfume is delightfully complex with warm, sweet base notes and exotic, woodsy top notes. I'm really enjoying it as a bit of scent-sory (haha) sunshine in the midst of this rainy spring. The first thing you'll smell is a hit of sharp cedar blended...

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Secret Garden: A Perfume

This lovely, summery perfume is an uplifting blend of floral and fruity, with a soft, sweet base. It has the sweetness of a well-tended garden on a hot summer day, and an exotic undercurrent that I find both exciting and intriguing. Something about this blend makes me...

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Crickets & Fireflies Perfume

Happy New Year! I've decided to kick 2015 off with this complex and intoxicating perfume that I'm rather infatuated with. It's dry and warm, with a tangy mid note and high notes of sweet citrus and bright coniferous trees. It also matures beautifully on the...

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Cedar & Palmarosa Solid Perfume

I've had some requests for more scent blends for solid perfume, so here we go. This simple blend has notes of citrus and tea, with a soft woodiness from the cedar, and a bright spicy sparkle from the cardamom. Like all solid perfumes, it comes together in a flash, and...

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Beguiling Embrace: A Perfume

It’s a bit sad (if not predictable)—after I moved over to all homemade, natural body products, my modest collection of perfumes (all three of them) lost the majority of their appeal to me. They’re just so strong and artificial smelling, which is rather sad as I liked...

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Solid Lavender Lemon Perfume

At the cottage this summer my Aunt Karla presented me with a small tin of solid lavender lemon perfume. She’s a bit of a lavender junkie, and who can blame her? It's relaxing and just wonderful. The ingredients for the perfume were quite simple—basically just cocoa...

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