It’s not often washing your face is fun, but I would like to put forward this facial scrub as the roller coaster in the amusement park of face washing methods. It fizzes when it gets wet, it’s warming, and it’s cool and tingly. It exfoliates, and if you use a red clay (which I wouldn’t recommend as it makes your bathroom sink look like a murder scene), you get to enjoy your face looking all red and ridiculous while you scrub away in the mirror.


The base of this scrub is clay—I used French Red, but that ended up being a very messy choice. In the future I’d go with white kaolin or rhassoul. The exfoliation comes from baking soda (USA / Canada), and the fizz comes from the addition of a bit of vitamin C. Lavender and peppermint essential oil (USA / Canada)s add a lovely fragrance and the peppermint gives the cooling effect. It’s warming and cooling all at the same time, and your skin will be baby soft afterwards.

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Fizzy Hot & Cold Exfoliating Facial Scrub

2 tbsp clay
1 tbsp baking soda (USA / Canada)
¼ tsp vitamin C
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops peppermint essential oil (USA / Canada)

Blend the clay, baking soda (USA / Canada), and vitamin C together. Blend in the lavender and peppermint essential oil (USA / Canada) until the powder is smooth.

To use, take a teaspoon of the mixture into your palm and mix with a bit of warm water. Massage it gently into your face with your finger tips. Let sit for a minute or two and enjoy the cool/warm effect. Rinse off, moisturize, and enjoy!