This soap looks great; like a slice of orange embedded in the centre of a square of creamy goodness. It’s an easy two-step soap that’ll take about three days, most of that downtime.

First you make a batch of the soap you want the core of the loofah to be (this recipe is a great base recipe). Think ahead of time about what colours and scents you want to pair together (since there are two batches of soap). I chose bright orange for the soap that fills the loofah. You’ll want to take it to a fairly light trace so it will quickly and easily permeate the entire loofah. Set the loofah in your mould, and pour the raw, liquid soap over top of it. Let that batch saponify and set up for a day.

After the loofah batch has set up, remove it from the mould. Using a knife, trim the extra soap off from around the loofah. I used the excess soap to make soap balls for polka-dot soap. Smooth out the soft soap around the loofah to make it more or less cylindrical.

Next up, the suspending batch. Make it contrast colour-wise with the loofah (mine was beige, as you can see). Bring it to a nice, thick trace; it has to support the entire soap-filled loofah, which is pretty heavy.

Take your lined mold, and pour in about 3cm of the suspending batch. Add the soap-filled and trimmed loofah, and top off with more suspending soap. Let it set up, slice, and cure. Voila!

Cool, eh?