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What are emulsifying waxes and are they all the same?

All lotions need an emulsifier, and my recipes call for emulsifying waxes. Learn about the three most popular kinds and how they effect your final product!

A Quick Guide to Preservatives

Because all lotions have water in them, they’ll mold sooner rather than later without a broad spectrum preservative. Here’s a quick guide!

Winter Shimmer Body Lotion

It seems hard (to me, at least) to think of New Year’s Eve without thinking of New York City. I fell thoroughly in love with New York in May of 2014, and I would love to be there on New Year’s Eve. Last summer I read Bill Bryson’s One Summer: America 1927 and I was...

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Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh Lotion

The age-old tale says three wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus, so one might say this sparkling Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh Lotion is fit for a king. A base of honey and silk infused water is emulsified with olive oil and...

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Pumpkin Spice Body Lotion

Allow me to continue to earn my keep on the fairground ride we call "PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS!" with this decadent, pumpkin-y pumpkin spice body lotion. You'll smell a bit like a pie and your skin will be soft and happy—I think you'll like it. Don't blame me if...

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Oktoberfest Oat Stout Lotion

This beer inspired lotion will leave your skin soft and won’t leave you smelling like beer—I promise. Its base of moisturizing, soothing oat milk and anti-inflammatory hops is great for skin that’s already missing summer. Want to watch this recipe instead of read it?...

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Summer Shimmer Body Lotion

This simple summer lotion gives you a bit of a shimmery sun-kissed boost, and comes together in a flash.  It's lightweight, making it perfect for warmer days, and you can choose how much shimmer you want. Want to watch this recipe instead of read it? Watch Now Really,...

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Egyptian Magic Lotion

My love affair with Egyptian Magic in all forms continues with this lovely Egyptian Magic lotion. The classic bee ingredients are blended into a creamy emulsion to make a rich lotion that smells of pollen and is just lovely. Classic Egyptian magic is a balm of beeswax...

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Avo Oat Milk Body Lotion

This decadent body lotion is just the thing for parched winter skin. It's silky smooth and smells divine, and is loaded with skin healing goodies. I think you'll love it. The base of this lotion is oat milk. Anyone who's ever had chicken pox and an oatmeal bath knows...

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Cocoa Butter Body Meringue

After inventing Shea Butter Body Meringue and sharing it with everybody, I was eager to try some variations on the theme. That is, a thick, luxurious lotion with lots of air whipped into it for a decadent, fluffy, final product. This cocoa butter body meringue is my...

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Ginger, Monoi, and Mango Lotion

Now that it is well and truly winter here, this lotion is helping me remember that there are places in this world where the warmth of the sun still reaches the ground. Made from tropical Monoi de Tahiti and mango butters, it smells of palm trees and sunshine, and...

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Mocha Body Lotion

If you are madly in love coffee and chocolate you might not want to make this lotion or you may end up on the receiving end of some rather peculiar looks as you lick yourself at your desk at work. Assuming you can resist the urge to like yourself, though, this lotion...

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Healing Bee Propolis Cream

Bee propolis is a really amazing substance. In its raw form it looks like clods of dirt, and smells something like the air just before it rains. Made from essential oils, resins, saps, and the odd bit of dry grass, it is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic healing...

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Candy Cane Body Lotion

This thick and luxurious candy cane body lotion makes a lovely Christmas gift. It leaves the skin soft and slightly peppermint scented, and if you’re looking for a bit of an extra festive hint, you can add a touch of mica for some holiday shimmer. Want to watch this...

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Healing Herbal Hemp & Shea Lotion

This herb spiked lotion features some of my favourite eczema fighting ingredients, making it perfect for the onset of winter. Instead of using plain water in this lotion, I’ve made an herbal infusion. With soothing marshmallow root and chamomile, and healing calendula...

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Cupuaçu & Cardamom Lotion

Once I discovered cupuaçu butter, it quickly rose to the top of my favourite butters list—especially when it comes to using it neat. While other butters like shea can leave your skin sticky and greasy, cupuaçu is amazingly smooth and silky, sinking into the skin far...

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Whipped Shea Butter Body Meringue

I am so thrilled with this new invention of mine. It's unbelievably light and fluffy, with a decadent texture that will make your friends gasp in awe when they feel how light and soft it is. I call it body meringue because of its texture and how it forms wonderful...

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Honey Ginger Hand Lotion

I am so in love with this wonderful hand lotion. It's light and sinks into your skin in a flash, but leaves your skin moisturized and happy. It smells warm and sweet, and slightly spicy from the ginger. It's smooth and lovely, and I am thoroughly smitten. The oils...

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Vanilla Coco Body Lotion

This decadent Vanilla Coco Body Lotion smells wonderfully of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. I may or may not have spent an embarrassingly long time smelling my hands after testing it out for the first time (and after every subsequent use, if we're being honest)....

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Coco-Lemon Body Lotion

A few months ago my favourite tea shop, DavidsTea, ran a contest they called "Think Outside the Mug". It was right up my alley, challenging entrants to come up with creative ways to use tea. This was one of my entries. It's based around their Coco-Lemon Thai tea, but...

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Rose Argan Body Conditioner

I've had at least three or four requests for this rose argan body conditioner (inspired by a similar one by Lush), so I figured it must be pretty awesome. I've never tried the original, but it gets rave reviews for everything buts its price and the parabens that...

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Oat Milk Dream Cream

This beautiful oat milk dream cream is silky smooth, gentle, and soothing. I got the idea from Lush—their Dream Cream Body Cream is one of their best sellers. I've never tried it, but the internet made it sound good enough to dupe, so here we are! For our water phase...

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Homemade Diaper Creme

The count of babies due to pop up in my life continues to rise—it's currently at 7. That's got me thinking about all the crap that's in diaper creme. It's mostly petroleum/mineral oil, which is a sad thing to put on anybody's skin, let alone your darling baby's. My...

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Hand Sanitizer Lotion

My inner clean freak is conflicted. You see, I love having clean hands (especially during cold & flu season), but I hate hand sanitizer. It is seriously gross. Over scented, weirdly goopy, and generally awful. I only use it when it is absolutely the only option,...

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Chocolate Hazelnut Body Lotion

World Nutella day is the kind of holiday I can really get behind. I've loved Nutella since I was a kid, and I can still remember the first time I tried it—on a canoe trip with some of our Francophone family friends. Their kids were eating what looked like chocolate...

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Homemade Shealoe Butter Cream

I keep hearing about aloe and shealoe (shea + aloe) butters, and they confuse me. You see, aloe is water soluble, so somewhere in that butter there is some sort of wizardry going on, because aloe is patently not a butter. That's about as ridiculous as the idea of...

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