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Want to make your own shampoo? You've come to the right place! Whether you prefer bar or liquid shampoo, I've go you covered.

Mango Mango Shampoo Bar

Today’s recipe is definitely long overdue, but I wanted to make sure it was on point before I shared it—it’s a sulphate free shampoo bar. I started working on this back in January 2018 and have been testing and tweaking ever since. About six weeks ago I decided to...

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Silky Volumizing Conditioning Shampoo

I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys. I've been working on it since shortly after new years, and sharing the progress on my Instagram stories as I've been testing and tweaking. This is a conditioning shampoo; more lather than a cleansing conditioner, but...

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Snowflake Shampoo Bar

I'm so excited to share this with you; it's something I've been working on for almost a year! This particular recipe has been in testing and tweaking since July. I've had a lot of requests for a surfactant-powered shampoo bar (as opposed to a soap based one), and I...

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Mermaid Silk Shampoo Bars

Prepare to feel like you're sudsing up in a lagoon in Neverland with the mermaids; these seriously beautiful Mermaid Silk Shampoo Bars are just the sort of thing I imagine mermaids would use (do mermaids wash their hair? A question for another day, perhaps.). Super...

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Coconut Aloe Shampoo Bars

These pretty, citrussy Coconut Aloe Shampoo Bars are utterly lovely—between the fresh, summery colours and the bright, citrussy scent I'm quite smitten. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that it'd been ages since I'd made a straight-up shampoo bar. I tend to use my...

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Silk & Cedar Liquid Shampoo

I am so excited about this wonderful Silk & Cedar liquid shampoo. It's loaded with all kinds of goodies for your hair, and once you've got your liquid soap paste softened, it comes to together in just a few moments. If you prefer liquid shampoo over shampoo bars,...

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Citrus Chamomile Liquid Shampoo

This request came to me from Kylee, who uses a similar one by Avalon Organics for her dreads. She says "this shampoo has the ability to clarify, which is what I need, and the aloe and citrus work wonders on cleaning/tightening dreads." The ingredient list for the...

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Peppermint Tingle Shampoo

A couple months ago my friend Tanvi got in touch. She'd been reading my blog and wanted to get in on natural hair care, and she wanted my help. She says her hair is dry and brittle, and she wants to get away from commercially made hair products. So, we worked together...

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Cinnamon Swirl Soap & Shampoo

When I first started making soap, this was one of the first bars I tried. I saw a similar bar at a farmer's market in Manitoba and thought it was a pretty cool idea, and I set out to do it myself as soon as I got home. Those original bars are long gone, but after a...

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Lemongrass & Seaweed Shampoo

Sadly, I don't get out to the ocean all that often. It is, in my defense, nearly 1000km to the nearest one, and that would make for a very long bike ride, so I feel like I'm not exactly slacking in the ocean department. Anyhow, this shampoo smells like the ocean side,...

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Latté Shampoo

If you're going to wake up and smell the coffee, you might as well go all out and incorporate the coffee into every aspect of your morning. I know you've got the drinkable coffee bit handled (and if you don't I'm afraid I can't be of much help), so I'm going to...

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Shea Butter & Citrus Shampoo Bar

This is the second batch of soap I ever made, and it's become one of my favourites over time. The long curing time is definitely beneficial because I used shea butter as my hard oil (and as far as hard oils go, it's not very hard). I also used avocado oil, so the bars...

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DIY Shampoo Bars

I've been making my own shampoo bars for about a year, and I love them. There's really very little difference between a shampoo bar and a bar of plain 'ol cold processed soap. Shampoo bars tend to be a bit more gentle and more lathery. That's achieved by using more...

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