I’ve been working on stretching out my hair washes for about seven months now. I’ve gone from washing every other day to washing every seventh day. And I’ve managed to do it without looking like a greasy, dirty hippie (for the majority of the time, at least). Here’s how I’m doing it.

  1. Stretch one day at a time, so you only have one dirty(ish) day. Once your last day starts looking pretty good, add another day. I found the first few days knocked off pretty quickly, but it took me about four months to go from every sixth day to every seventh day.
  2. Wash your hair in the morning to give yourself a bit of free extra time (sleeping time) between washes.
  3. Once you’re about halfway through your wash cycle, stop combing your hair in the morning. I find combing/brushing can make your hair look greasy if you’re borderline. Instead, comb out all of your tangles the night before. Part your hair the way you like it, braid it (I like two braids), and sleep that way. In the morning, just take out the braids and smooth things out a little. Just be sure to leave the part as it is.
  4. Same goes for boar bristle brushing. Don’t do that before you go anywhere after about half a cycle.
  5. Make yourself a batch of dry shampoo to help with any greasy days.
  6. Do a good job with shampooing each time so you start with a clean slate.

This handful of tips and tricks has worked really well for me, but I’d love to hear what works for you!