Aloe vera is known to most people as bright green goop. I imagine that goo comes from an underground river like the one in Ghostbusters. As it turns out, that is not where actual aloe vera comes from. Not even close. Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant with long, meaty tendrils. The tendrils are full of snot-like goo that is (more or less) the aloe vera you’re familiar with.

I love to use cosmetic grade aloe vera juice as the water base (or part of it) in lotions and other concoctions for it’s healing wonders—the fresh stuff we’re making here is very hard to safely preserve, so you’ll want to save this fresh stuff for direct-to-skin application, keep it in the fridge, and not store it too terribly long (less than a week).

I used one of my favourite mason jar hacks; the trick where the blade of a blender screws right onto a mason jar and creates a handy little magic bullet like blending container. I split each arm of the aloe vera lengthwise with a knife, sectioned them off into 6″ lengths, and scraped the goo out of the leaf and into the mason jar.

I screwed the blender blade on, pureed the mixture, and then I pressed the mixture through a fine sieve. Et voila. Fresh aloe vera juice. Lovely! Keep in in the fridge and use within a week, it won’t keep well.