I think the most magical part about homemade cleaning products is not their low cost, the fact that they are non toxic, or the whole “yay I made something” factor—it’s that they have this incredible ability to make me excited to clean my bathroom. For the first couple times, at least.


This lemony cream cleaner gets its power from vinegar and d-Limonene. Distilled from citrus rinds, d-limonene is also called citrus terpenes. It smells nicely of lemons, and is a great natural disinfectant. It is oil based, so I used solubilizer to combine it with the water and vinegar. The emulsion gives the entire solution a milky, creamy look. You can skip the solubilizer if you don’t like it or don’t have it, but then the mixture won’t emulsify and you’ll have to do some pretty enthusiastic shaking before every spritz.


It’s fantastic for bathrooms; spray and wipe down the shower, the counter, the toilet. And the best part is how the lemon scent is natural, and doesn’t leave me with a faux fragrance induced headache.


Lemon Cream Cleaning Spray

75mL | 2.54 fl oz d-Limonene
75mL | 2.54 fl oz polysorbate 20 (USA / Canada) or Polysorbate 80 (USA / Canada)
150mL | 5 fl oz white vinegar
200mL | 6.76 fl oz water

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Mix the d-Limonene and polysorbate together. Slowly add the vinegar and water, gently whisking to combine.

Decant into a 500mL (16 fl oz) spray bottle and use for all your cleaning needs!