Today’s recipe is something fun I’ve been able to work on with my dog, Lottie, which isn’t something I usually get to do. Lottie and formulating don’t really go together—she doesn’t need an under-eye gel, and what with her being so furry, lotions and body butters aren’t products she uses. She loves watching me get ready, though, and I could tell she has a particular fondness for lipstick given she often tries to lick mine off if I’m wearing any. So, I decided to make her some lipstick of her own—Lottie Lipstick!

April Fools!

For starters I knew if would need to be dog-safe edible, so the base is mostly beef tallow. Lottie loves beef tallow—I just have to be careful to limit her lipstick wear to special occasions otherwise she’ll spoil her dinner. I thickened it up with a bit of beeswax, and added a touch of beef flavouring to make it extra-special.

When it came to choosing the colour I knew it would have to be a classic red—all of Lottie’s favourite toys are red, after all! It also compliments her complexion very nicely, and matches her collar.

The finished lipstick is quite soft and creamy, with a distinct steak-like scent that Lottie goes crazy for. It’s easy to make (there’ just three ingredients!) and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one 😉

Lipstick for Lottie

30% April
30% Fools’
40% Joke


Don’t put lipstick on your dogs, folks—I definitely don’t and won’t! This is purely a bit of lighthearted, fictional fun for April Fools. No Lotties were lipstick’ed in the making of this blog postI really, really hope you can tell those are human lips on that obviously photoshopped photo! 😂

If you want to make some lipstick for yourself and/or any other humans in your life, check out my book, Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care!

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