This is a great thing to do with any pearl necklaces that have come unstrung. My grandmother gave me quite a few in a bag, for me to fix. Or something. I chose the something.

For this you’ll need a bunch of different sized & coloured pearls (real or fake, I don’t care), some jewellery pins, 6mm jump rings, translucent fishing twine, and ~3cm wide satin ribbon. Tool-wise you’ll need needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, and clear nail polish.

First step: string two different pearls onto each pin, with a larger one on the bottom. Once you have 50 it’s time to loop them off. I found the easiest way to do this was to grip the wire with the tip of the pliers about 3mm from the top of the top pearl. Using your fingers, bend the wire back around the tip of the pliers. Then, wrapping towards the handles of the pliers, wrap the end of the wire around the stem of the wire to create a loop. Wrap twice, and then trim down with the wire cutters. Pinch with the pliers.

You’ll be making 10 clusters of pearls, each with 5 of these little looped-off pairs. Using the 6mm jewellery rings, group 5 pairs on each one.

Take your twine and string the clusters on, one at a time, twisting the wire around each cluster loop to secure the cluster in place. Secure each cluster about 1cm from the last one. Create ~2cm loops at each end of the wire/twine after you’ve got all the clusters in place.

Cut about 50cm of satin ribbon, and seal the cut ends with some clear nail polish. Feed the ribbon through the loops you just made to fasten the necklace around your neck.

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