I love making my own Christmas cards. They’re far better value than the ones you can get from Hallmark, and far nicer than as well. You can set your own budget in the paper you choose, and customize everything else. You’ll be making your own envelopes, so everything will match nicely. And, I worked it out so there’s almost no paper waste if you’re using 8×11″ (sorry to those of you in the A4 world).

You’ll need 1.5 sheets of paper per card. One will be the main paper, and the 0.5 will be the accent paper. You’ll also need a sheet for envelopes, if you’re doing those. That sheet will have to be tabloid size (at least 9.5×10.25″ to fit the template I made). Other than the paper you’ll need a bit of glue and some thin satin ribbon. An exacto knife, pencil, ruler, and cutting mat should be all the tools you’ll need.

You’ll be cutting one piece of paper so one piece is 7″ wide and the other is 4″ wide. The 0.5 accent sheet should be 5.5″ wide, halved from an 8.5×11″ sheet. Folded in half, these pieces will nest together and have 0.75″ of overhang on each side. Handy dandy.

If you want to design something, create an 8.5×11″ document divided at the 7″ crosswise mark, and in half crosswise. Do your designing in the lower half. The 4″ wide part will be the front of the card, and the 7″ part the inside of the card. I designed my cards to have a die-cut. You can do whatever you like, of course.

Some ideas for jazzing up your cards:

  • Paint a design in some glue, and dust with glitter
  • Write in metallic paint
  • Create a design using tiny, thin buttons
  • Sequins!
  • Decorate with ribbon; bows, swirls, twisty designs
  • Sew through the paper, by hand or machine

To make your envelopes, just download (click for full size) & print this template onto some thick card (you’ll need a printer that can handle 11×17″ paper, sorry). Trace it onto your envelope-making paper, cut it out, and fold the flaps in to assemble. Glue the long ones together at the overlap, and then glue one of the end flaps down on top of them. Leave the last one open to slide the card into.

Envelope template

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