Well, I suppose the lace part is optional. This is an ultra-simple pattern for an apron I made a few weeks ago. I used some vintage fabric and trim I found in my basement, and pieced together a few pattern pieces to create this adorable little piece of kitchen wear (see what I did there?).

First, you’ll need a few measurements. Your waist, the distance from your waist to the top of the bust (or wherever you want the apron to end), and the distance from your waist to wherever you want the skirt to end. Then you can draft up these pattern pieces using those measurements, or just piece a few old pieces together from an old dress/skirt pattern.

I highly recommend choosing all your fabrics and trims together. I knew I had an ample supply of eyelet trim, so I went with an eyelet bodice and a blue skirt. I’m a sucker for blue and white.

I started with a pattern piece, but used a tape measure and some chalk to shorten the skirt so it would fit on the fabric.

Now for the sash. I used some nice, wide, blanket trim, so it was easy for me to fold it in half, right sides together, sew it up, turn it inside out, and voila, sash. Feel free to use any piece of fabric you want, but be sure to cut it twice as wide (plus seam allowance!) as you want it to be.

Hem the top and sides of the bodice, and sides of the skirt. Hem the skirt if you aren’t finishing it with trim.

If you finish the skirt hem with trim, be sure to fold up the seam allowance and stitch it down (to the skirt, not the trim, of course!).

Stitch the three pieces together, stacked skirt-sash-bodice, with the right sides of the skirt and bodice facing eachother.

Straps are the final touch. Ribbon or trim will work beautifully. I folded/stitched/turned/top-stitched some strips of fabric that matched the skirt for mine. And then used some seam binding as more trim. Feel free to add a pocket (shape is up to you) if you want.

There you go! Now you’re ready to bake some muffins. Or something.

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