As the days get colder and the air gets drier, a few of my bearded male friends have approached me about something for their increasingly scratchy, dry beards. Challenge accepted, gents.

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

This lovely oil was gifted to my friend Tekoa. He’s got a magnificent beard that’s perhaps a bit reminiscent of Darwin’s, though without the Santa Claus colouring. Tekoa is a photographer, and we’ve worked together on a couple Edwardian photoshoots, one of which was done using antique tin type photography. You can check out his work on his Instagram, and some of his tinny (and otherwise) portraits of me are on my Instagram.

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

The beard oil I made for Tekoa is a beautiful blend of rich oils accented with a subtle and intoxicating blend of essential oils. Meadowfoam oil is a wonderfully rich, anti-oxidant loaded oil that is brilliant for coarse hair (like beards!). Castor oil adds a bit of shine, and jojoba and sweet almond soften, hydrate, and protect. Despite all the rich oils in here, it’s still quite light and absorbs into the skin quickly.

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

Coffee is the star scent of this blend, though it’s far from overwhelming. It’s softened by vanilla-like peru balsam and sweetened with a bit of softly floral palmarosa essential oil. The tiniest amount of cade essential oil brings up the rear with a finishing note of deep smokiness. All in all, it’s a pretty wonderful scent blend—brilliant for coffee lovers in particular.

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

Here’s what Tekoa had to say:

“I really like the scent—it reminds me of a library full of old books which is one of my favourite smells, I remember talking about that with you. It is subtle and as it warms, gentle reminders pass by my nose. I never find it overbearing or headache inducing. It does make my beard softer and not as tangled. I have noticed a definite reduction in itchiness. I like it; I’ll probably hit you up for more down the road.”

Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

3g | 0.1oz meadowfoam seed oil
6g | 0.21oz sweet almond oil (USA / Canada)
5g | 0.17oz jojoba oil
6g | 0.21oz  castor oil
4 drops Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)
12 drops coffee essential oil
20 drops peru balsam essential oil (or 3 blobs benzoin)
4 drops palmarosa essential oil
The teensiest amount of cade essential oil, vetiver essential oil, or birch tar essential oil (see below for a photo/description)

Makes 30mL/1 fl oz beard oil

Weigh out the oils into a 30mL/1oz glass bottle that has a dropper top. Seal and shake to combine, and then add the essential oils, seal, and shake again. Voila! Wasn’t that delightfully easy?

To use, place a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together, and run them through your magnificent beard, you bearded fella, you 😉

On measuring teensy amounts of cade: I took the eyedropper lid and touched it to the inside of the orifice reducer that came with the bottle of cade. See the photo below for how much I came away with—that’s what you’re going for. A full drop of cade will be overwhelming—FAR too much. Err on the side of too little, you can always add more. Also, if you don’t have cade essential oil, vetiver and birch tar are good alternatives.

How to make Midnight Coffee Beard Oil


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