This summery smelling mimosa coconut lip balm makes use of tropical mimosa floral wax to get a soft floral scent that’s rather lovely and exotic.

How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm
How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

Like all lip balms, this one is a blend of different oils and butters, thickened with wax. I’m using my coconut oil, cocoa butter (USA / Canada), and walnut oil as my main oils, with beeswax to thicken and Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) as an antioxidant.

How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

Because the scent of the mimosa wax is quite mild, I recommend using a deodorized cocoa butter (USA / Canada) in this recipe as a lovely, fragrant one will completely overpower the mimosa wax (sadly I know this from experience).

How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

You can purchase the floral wax from Saffire Blue or Amazon. I’m afraid substitutes will be quite difficult. If you happen to have mimosa absolute on hand you could use more coconut oil and a few drops of the absolute as an alternative, but that’s the only thing that is going to come close.

How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

So, if you’re looking for a lightly floral, summery mimosa coconut lip balm, look no further!

Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

8g | 0.28oz beeswax
8g | 0.28oz virgin coconut oil
2g | 0.07oz mimosa floral wax
6g | 0.21oz cocoa butter (USA / Canada) (I recommend unscented for this recipe)
16g |0.56oz walnut oil
1g | 0.03oz Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)

Weigh all the ingredients out into a small heat resistant glass measuring cup and melt everything together in a double boiler—this will take about five to ten minutes.

Stir with a flexible silicone spatula to combine and pour the melted oils into 9 lip balm tubes to set up. Cap, label (I use these labels), and enjoy!

Don’t have some of the oils called for in this recipe? Read this for information on making substitutions!

How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm
How to Make Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

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