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Many of you have been asking me for a more print-friendly, magazine-ish version of the blog. Something pretty, deliberately designed, and the sort of thing you don’t need a computer in the kitchen for. So, I combined that with my background as a professional graphic designer and my love of print design, and created The Humblebee & Me Monthly Collection.

I’m really proud of these beautiful volumes. They’re packed with big, bright photos and beautiful typography. They’re wonderfully print-able and at the end of the year, you’ll have a stunning collection of a full year of Humblebee & Me recipes in one beautiful volume. Each one takes 10–15 hours to put together, but I think the effort is well worth it!

For now, The Humblebee & Me Monthly Collection is exclusively available to Patreon patrons who pledge $15 or more a month. Once your pledge clears, I’ll email you a high resolution copy of the most recent collection, and it’s yours to print (or not) and enjoy! There will be a brand new one every month, and for now there’s no way to get back issues, so if you want on on this—sign up now!

Here’s a small taste of The Humblebee & Me Monthly Collection

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Any patron on Patreon who contributes $15 or more a month will receive the most recent issue of The Humblebee & Me Monthly Collection each month via email after their pledge clears.