Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I thought I’d dive back into the archives and share some ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas for expectant moms (first time or otherwise!). There’s loads of gift ideas out there for ladies who already have kids, but I wanted to give a nod to women who have one in the oven—this last Mother’s Day before they give birth is a funny little middling period worthy of a bit of celebration.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

A caveat on essential oils and pregnancy; advice tends to vary, and since studies on pregnant women are taboo, there really isn’t much evidence out there on whether or not essential oils are safe for use in pregnancy. There’s also considerations to be made for the highly sensitive pregnant nose. I know women who have used essential oils all throughout their pregnancy and women who have avoided them completely. (I do think it’s a bit odd that somebody might carefully avoid products that contain essential oils while continuing to use products that contain artificial fragrance, but I’m not the pregnant one here, so what do I know?) Anyhow—all that is to say it might be best to leave out any essential oils that these recipes call for. Perhaps consult with the momma-to-be and see what she thinks, but if you want to play it super safe, drop ’em. I’ve bee careful to choose recipes that can go essential oil free without impacting the integrity of the final product.

For Dry Skin & Itchy Bellies



Herb Infused Belly Bars

I developed these especially for pregnant bellies, but they’re fantastic for dry skin of all kinds!


Perfect Body Butter Bars

These delicious body butter bars smell deliciously of cocoa, coconut, and beeswax without any essential oils.


Manitoba Forest Balm

Even without any essential oils this hydrating balm will smell lightly of the forest and honey thanks to the waxes, and will leave skin soft and supple.


White Chocolate Body Frosting

It doesn’t get more decadent than this body frosting, especially for chocolate loving moms!


Vegan Hemp Butter

Vegan mums will appreciate this simple beeswax free body butter for soothing itchy bellies.


Hemp, Oat, and Shea Body Bar

This simple bar is loaded with oils that are fantastic for irritated, dry skin.

For Everyday Pampering


Naked Lip Balm

Keep dry lips at bay with this simple yet fragrant lip balm. And, since they’re so easy you can make lots and gift the mom-to-be lots of them so she can always find one, pregnancy brain notwithstanding (I’ve been told that’s a real thing!).


Lots & Lots of Clay Soap

I love how creamy and gentle this soap is—the extra clay makes the lather extra lovely.


Rose Cardamom Body Lotion

If you drop the essential oils this lotion will still have a soft, lovely rose scent from the rose wax and the rose water.

For When Junior Arrives


Baby Bum Balm

Ditch the store bought diaper cream and use this stuff—my testers love it!


Silky Smooth Baby Powder

Keep talc away from baby’s bum with this ultra simple homemade alternative.


Cocoa Butter Body Dust

Like baby powder… plus cocoa, because it’s amazing.

Well, those are my ideas! What do you like to gift to mums-to-be?