Mother’s Day is probably the best gift-giving holiday when it comes to me and my obsessive DIY-ing. As a child I gifted my mum handmade crafts of popsicle sticks, paint, glitter, and glue. Fortunately for my mom, I’ve graduated into more useful DIY projects that don’t shed sequins all over everything. Here’s some of my favorite gift-able items for your mum!

Spa Night
Encourage your mom to relax my giving her an at-home spa night basket loaded with a dry face mask mix, a great sugar scrub, some bath salts, and a few tea lights to complete the mood.


Beauty Basket
If your mum loves make-up, why not create some custom make-up with her? You can make some eyeshadow, blush, mineral make-up, and some great argan oil facial serum.


Luxury Bath Kit
If you mum loves baths (and especially if you live in a cold climate), give her a great bath kit. Load it up with bath bombs, homemade soap and shampoo, bath salts, and fizzy bath scrubs.



Soft Skin Collection
Pamper your mom’s skin with a great collection of body butter, lotion, exfoliating scrubs, and lip balm.



Pamper Those Lips
It’s a gift for your dad, too 😉 Soften up your mum’s lips with homemade lip scrubs, lip balms, and lip glosses!



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