I’m not a big fan of having my shower crowded with two dozen bottles. I’ve had friends with roommates that had so many shower products there was barely room to stand in the shower! Their showers were crowded with a different shampoo and conditioner for every day of the week, plus one of everything the Body Shop sells (that’s my best guess, at least).


Anyhow, that’s not my style at all. My shower has one bar of soap, my razor, a shaving brush, and my apple cider vinegar rinse, and I’m pretty proud of that. It makes travelling super easy, and leaves plenty of room on my shower shelf for the collection of puddles and soggy hair elastics I’m curating.


This bar is a doozy that I’ve been developing for over a year. It’s a fairly hard bar, but it’s got great lather and moisturizing properties. It has clay for added slip, meaning it’s a great shaving bar. The clay also boosts the cleansing properties of the bar, making it wonderful for getting you and your hair squeaky clean.


Castor oils gives soap its great, creamy lather. You can tweak the percentage of castor oil (USA / Canada) to your liking; 5% is what you’d put in a normal bar of soap, 7% is for shaving soap, and 20% is for shampoo. I’ll generally go for 5–7%, but you could go up to 20% if you love your lather and you’ve got lots of time to let it age (since more castor oil (USA / Canada) will make a softer bar).


And that’s it! This is my go-to soap recipe for its versatility. It’s all I use—for everyday, for travel, for everything. Try it! You’ll love having extra space in your shower.

My All-in-One Soap Recipe

40% olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada)
25% refined coconut oil (USA / Canada)
15% unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)
15% lard or beef tallow
5% castor oil (USA / Canada)

Per 500g (1.1lbs) oils: 1 tbsp clay

5% superfat (or lye discount)

If you increase the amount of castor oil (USA / Canada), decrease the amount of olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada) to balance it out.

Follow standard soap making procedures, adding clay at trace.