I know I have too many body type ingredients. Too many oils, butters, essential oils, powders, clays, and everything else. Oh well. I’m ok with it. And lucky for you, since I have too much, I can tell you what’s worth buying and spare you the same fate. These are my favourite butters:

Capuacu Butter
This butter was a total revelation for me. Most butters are really quite greasy. There’s a wide range of greasiness, but you usually end up being pretty slippery/sticky for a while regardless of how sparingly you apply it. But not cupuacu butter. No. It’s amazing. It smells like a combination of cocoa butter with a hint of sour milk in the container, but once it’s on your skin all you’ll notice is the cocoa-y scent. And it sinks in beautifully. Your skin is silky soft and smooth in no time at all, without any greasiness. I always carry a little 1oz tin of cupuacu butter in my purse. I love it for my hands, my cuticles, and anything that’s feeling a bit scratchy. It’s easily my absolute favourite butter.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter smells amazing. It’s all beautiful, chocolately wonder. It’s very brittle (just like a chocolate bar), so you’ll need to mix it with other things or be very, very patient as you wait for it to melt on your skin. I absolutely love it for massage bars and lip balm.

Shea Butter
Shea butter is the butter that started it all for me. It’s a really beautiful butter; thick, earthy smelling, and pretty darn greasy when applied straight. It’s good for whipped body butters and thicker lotions, but my favourite use for shea butter is in soaps. It tries to function as the “hard” oil, but it’s not very hard, so it’ll need a lot of aging time (at least a year, I’d say). But once it’s aged, its brilliant. So, so moisturizing and wonderful all around.


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