I am not overly good at following recipes. Sure, I can read them through and I’m obviously capable of following directions (most of the time…). I, however, tend to think I can improve on things without trying them the original way first (the bonus of this method is that I never know if my changes were for the better or for the worst, so I can continue on my merry, and potentially oblivious way as long as everything tastes nice and nothing explodes).


This pizza dough recipe began with my love of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day books (they’re brilliant), and then merged with my frequent inability to wait 2–5 hours for my pizza dough to be ready (so, yes, you will have to knead it). The end result is an easy, flavorful dough that is ready to use in about an hour. Awesome! And, yes, there are technically measurements here, but there aren’t many and I think they’re pretty easy to remember.


Feel free to use whichever herbs & spices you like—think about the toppings you have on hand and use them as inspiration. Right now I’m in love with adding garlic powder, thyme leaves, smoked hot paprika, lots of black pepper, and basil. You could go Mexican with cumin, oregano, coriander, and garlic; or perhaps Greek with oregano, anise, and some chopped olives.


My Favourite No-Recipe Pizza Dough

3  1/3 cups all purpose flour (measured with the ‘scoop & sweep’ method), more for needing
1/3 cup corn meal
2 tsp table salt
2 tsp yeast
Herbs & spices of choice

¼ cup olive oil
Warm water, as needed (about 1½ cups)

Stir together all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well in the centre and add the olive oil. Slowly add the warm water, stirring and adding water until you have a soft dough with some extra flour/dough bits left in the bowl. Tip everything out onto the counter and knead until smooth, adding in a bit more flour if you need it.

Once the dough is all kneaded up, coat with a bit of oil, wrap in clingfilm, and place in a just-warmed oven to rise for an hour (the oven should only be about 30–40°C).

After rising for an hour you’re ready to tear off a ball, roll it out, and have some pizza!

Store any leftovers in a leftovers tub, with a bit of clingfilm on the surface of the dough and the lid of the tub cracked.


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