It’s now been over two years (25 months, technically!) since I’ve ditched store bought hair products, and my hair is happier than ever. I feel like I really “know” my hair now—that without all the artificial crap I know all about its true texture, scent, and overall attitude (ability to hold styles, cooperativeness, desire to tie itself in knots, etc.). I’d say it’s been a definite improvement, and I would never go back. While my hair has more or less settled (I’m not noticing any changes to it anymore beyond seasonal ones), I’m still learning things. Here’s what I’ve figured out since the 18 month mark.


Unfortunately, you’ll still need a trim
This is kind of disappointing, but true. No matter how well you care for your ends, you will still need a trim here and there. Since my hair is so long, I tend to need one every 6–9 months, which is much better (and way cheaper) than every 6–9 weeks, but still necessary.

My growing hat collection covers all manners of greasy roots :P

My growing hat collection covers all manners of greasy roots 😛

Hats, Scarves, and Toques are Great
Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered with dry shampoo—especially in the winter (when I generally find I can’t be bothered with much, frankly). This is where head coverings come in super handy! If you’re feeling lazy (and cold), a toque is perfect. Otherwise, you can devise yourself some hairstyles based around hats and scarves that are cute, but cover your roots. I would recommend not mixing my dry shampoo with hats if you have dark hair, though, because the dark colour of the shampoo can stain lighter hats and scarves.

Using ACV around your roots will shorten your wash cycle
Back in June, Shauna asked me if I use my ACV rinse on my roots as well as the length of my hair—she’d read conflicting accounts as to if this could make your roots look greasy. At the time I said I hadn’t heard anything, but the next time I washed my hair I thought I’d give it a try. And come wash day, I didn’t need to wash my hair. So I tried it again, and once again, my wash cycle was longer. So, I’d definitely say that you should avoid ACV rinsing your roots so you can have the longest wash cycle possible.

Braids are awesome
I have become a bit of a braid nut, especially for sleep and exercise of any kind. Without all the silicone in my hair it tangles more easily, and braids are a fantastic workaround for tangles. They’ll also leave your hair pleasantly wavy if it is a bit damp when you braid it, and I love that!


Make a detangling ACV rinse
My new detangling ACV rinse became an immediate (and permanent) part of my natural hair care routine after the first use. It is wonderfully effective, allowing me to put my hair up into elaborate updos without fearing the tangly consequences.


Splurge on a pretty antique silver hair brush
It’s been two years, so why not? I looked around before finding the perfect silver brush & mirror set on eBay. The biggest thing to look for is natural bristles on the brush—most of the sets I found had nylon bristles. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $100 for the set if it is silver plated (as opposed to solid silver).