This beer inspired lotion will leave your skin soft and won’t leave you smelling like beer—I promise. Its base of moisturizing, soothing oat milk and anti-inflammatory hops is great for skin that’s already missing summer.


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To be truly oat stout inspired, a great pairing oil would be oat oil, but unfortunately I don’t have it on hand. Since oat oil is wonderfully rich I used unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada) instead, but if you happen to have oat oil on hand, it would be brilliant.


Hops flowers are used in beer as a a flavouring agent and stabilizer/preservative. Depending on the type of beer you can have hops coming out your ears (*cough* IPAs *cough*) or… not. They impart a bitter, tangy flavour that is essential to beer. They also have a history of use in herbal medicine, and that’s what we’re including them for here (I don’t recommend tasting this lotion). They’re said to be anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, and they might even help treat leprosy (though I’d definitely still see a doctor if you suspect you have leprosy…).


As with all lotions, this one’s an emulsion of an oil part and a water part. The water part is infused with moisturizing oats, hops, and skin-softening honey.


The oils part is mostly rich unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada) (or oat oil, if you have it) and safflower oil, blended with some emulsifying wax to ensure a fool-proof, stable emulsion. Don’t use beeswax instead of emulsifying wax, they don’t do even close to the same thing and the recipe will not work.


Once you’ve got both parts all that’s left is melting, warming, and whisking. Voila! Now you have a lovely lotion 🙂

Oktoberfest Oat Stout Lotion

100g | 3.3 fl oz water
1 tsp oatmeal
1 tsp hops flowers

72g | 2.54oz oat/hops water
3g | 0.1oz raw honey

7g | 0.25oz emulsimulse/ritamulse (or other complete emulsifying wax)
10g | 0.35oz unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada) or oat oil
8g | 0.28oz safflower oil

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

To make the infused water, pour the boiling water over the oats and hops and let them steep for 20 minutes before straining out the oats and hops. If you happen to have a muslin bag, a tea filter, a sieve, or an empty tea bag on hand, I’d definitely recommend putting the oats and hops in one of them for easy removal afterwards.

Once the water has steeped, strain out the oats and hops and discard, squeezing the leftovers to get out as much oat/hops milk as possible. Weigh out 72g (2.54oz) of the infused water and set aside.

Weigh out the emulsifying wax, unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)/oat oil, and safflower oil into a small saucepan and melt over medium heat.

While the oils are melting, combine the reserved infused water with the honey in a small glass measuring cup and gently warm through.

Once the oils have melted, add the infused water mixture. Heat through to ensure everything is melted before removing the pan from the heat. Whisk the mixture as it cools—it will thicken into a nice white cream (the thickening may take a few days if you are using a different emulsifying wax than emulsimulse/ritamulse).

Once the lotion has cooled to room temperature, add your broad spectrum preservative. Decant the finished lotion into a 120mL/4oz pump-top bottle and voila—Oktoberfest oat stout lotion!

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