These days I feel like I’m becoming a maven of really easy dinners. I blame it on the season change. I’m currently in the throes of what I call the winter fidgets—not quite the winter blues, but still really annoying. I just feel like I can’t wait any longer for spring, and it just keeps teasing me so cruelly. One day it’s 16°C, and the next day it’s snowing.


Anyhow, the winter fidgets often send me home from work ready to have a beer for dinner and go straight to bed. Of course I don’t do that (too often…), so now I’m getting pretty good at pulling together some last minute, super easy dinners.


This one definitely fits the bill. Fast, easy, and delicious, and goat cheese! It can be improved with nicer bread or freshly made pesto, but neither of those things generally fit my definition of fast and easy. You could also transform these sandwiches into wonderful little crudites by using small baguette rounds. They’d also be great with arugula, but I didn’t have any.


Open Faced Chévre & Pesto Sandwiches

2 slices of bread, a sturdy kind that can hold up to some toppings

2 tbsp soft chévre
1 tsp basil pesto
5–7 sundried tomatoes, sliced
Freshly ground black pepper

Toast the bread. Spread each slice with a tablespoon of chévre, and a small amount of pesto. Top with the sundried tomatoes. Grind a bit of black pepper over everything and enjoy!

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