My love for dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada) continues to grow with awesome projects like this one. These adorable little body truffles look just like dessert, feel great on the skin, and require just 2 ingredients and the ability to melt chocolate (which I have been able to do since the age of 6 by accidentally leaving Aero bars in my pocket after Halloween, haha).


Because you need to let each layer harden before pouring the next one, these do take a bit of time, but it’s mostly down time. The final truffles make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts (or April Fools pranks, I suppose, but it seems a shame to waste such beautiful cocoa butter (USA / Canada)).

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I used a great set of silicone chocolate molds I got as a Christmas gift a few years ago for these. If you don’t have the moulds, you can use an ice cube tray instead, though the results won’t be as edible-looking.

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Oreo Body Truffles

2 parts dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
1 part white cocoa butter (USA / Canada)

Melt each of the cocoa butter (USA / Canada)s in a separate double boiler. I used glass Pyrex measuring cups to hold the cocoa butter (USA / Canada) over the boiling water to make pouring nice and easy.

Start with filling the bottom third of the molds with dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada). Let solidify.

Fill the next third of the molds with white cocoa butter (USA / Canada). Let solidify.

Top off with more dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada). Let solidify.

Remove the truffles from the mold. To use, glide them over the skin. They melt at 34°C, so keep them out of hot sun.

The amount of cocoa butter (USA / Canada) you’ll need is dependent on the size of mold you use and how many truffles you want to make. I ended up melting more than I needed and pouring the extras into little measuring cups & spoons to set up. Once it had solidified I just put my wee blobs back in the bucket with the rest of the cocoa butter (USA / Canada).

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