Massage oil makes things that are great (back rubs) better. Which is barely possible, and yet, it’s true. I’ve played with a few combinations of different oils, but this is the best I’ve stumbled across.

It’s a mix of virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil (USA / Canada), with a tiny hint of cinnamon bark essential oil. The virgin coconut oil smells wonderfully coconutty, while the sweet almond oil (USA / Canada) thins it out so it stays liquid at room temperature. The tiny hint of cinnamon bark essential oil adds a beautiful hint of spicy warmness without being irritating. It won’t smell like much in the bottle, but once it hits the skin and warms up, it will smell wonderful.

When you’re giving a massage, make sure you warm the oil up in your hands before applying it to the skin—this is much nicer than just squirting cold oil on your victim/partner, and much safer than trying to heat the oil in the microwave or over the stove. Enjoy!


Perfect Massage Oil

40g | 1.41oz virgin coconut oil, melted
59.45g | 2.1oz apricot kernel oil (USA / Canada) or sweet almond oil (USA / Canada)
0.5g | 0.018oz Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)
0.05g cinnamon bark essential oil (optional)

Mix together in a 120mL/4 fl oz squeezy bottle with a flip-top lid. Use for all your massage needs!

2020 update: The maximum usage rate for cinnamon bark essential oil is 0.07%; this works out to 0.05%. Do not use more.