Now, anyone who has curly hair won’t find this particularly surprising, but they probably also don’t need help in the voluminous hair arena.

Volume that's shocking! Ha.

You can easily go from fairly sleek, low-volume hair (like mine) to something closer to a lion’s mane in an instant, and that volume will last for days. The trick? It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous.

After you curl your hair, comb it out with a wooden comb, and then brush it out with a boar bristle brush. POOMPH. VOLUME. Very, very loud volume. It’s as easy as that.

After that initial comb & brush, you’ll probably want to tame it out a bit, maybe with a few light spritzes of water. But still, now you’ve got volume the girls in the Pantene Pro-V commercials can only dream about.

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