Disposable Mini Mixing Cups

I use these small, flexible cups to create highly pigmented, long-wearing cosmetics. They are heat-tolerant enough to be used in a water bath, and the small size is perfect for creating tiny batches of highly pigmented, potent things. I can “corner” whatever it is I’m making and thoroughly mix it up before scraping/pouring it out into the final container. Since the cups are a soft, flexible plastic I can gently squeeze them with my fingers to create a makeshift spout. While disposable plastic isn’t great, neither is attempting to clean a coating of waterproof eyeliner out of anything—I figure simply tossing these little cups is probably easier on the environment than using a lot of detergent & water (and ruining a sponge or two) trying to scrub out something re-useable.

They’re often sold as “medicine cups”. You can get them on US Amazon & Canadian Amazon, or if you’re placing an order with Voyageur Soap & Candle Co. for other things, they also sell them.

How many you’ll need will depend on how often you make high pigment cosmetics. If you never make cosmetics you can likely get away with not owning any; otherwise, I’d start with 100 and see where that takes you.


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March 30, 2020