Jar/Icing Spatulas

These wonderful spatulas are probably the piece of equipment I’m asked about the most, and I love them dearly! If you’ve seen me use them in my videos you’ll know they’re wonderfully flexible and have a fine edge that’s perfect for getting every last drop of a concoction out of a beaker.

I’ve tried quite a few different long, thin spatulas, and these ones are the best.

The easiest ones to get are the Norpro Silicone Jar/Icing Spatulas. You can get them on Amazon (USA / Canada). I recommend getting a few of them as they’re really useful. Just be careful with the handles when washing them—they can snap if you’re really scrubbing away at the blade and applying a lot of pressure to the handle.

As of 2022 I’ve found the same spatula blade with a much sturdier wooden handle on AliExpress! They’re cheaper than the NorPro ones, too. Hooray! Wood is porous, so it wouldn’t be my top choice for handle material, but if you’re making small batches the long blade makes it unlikely product will contact the handle. This wooden handled spatula only comes with a white blade; if you see this handle paired with a different coloured blade in any of my videos or photos, that’s just me switching blades and handles around. After a decade of using (and breaking) the plastic-handled ones I have a lot of orphaned blades in a variety of colours.


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March 30, 2020