LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 (natural dimethicone alternative)

What is it? LexFeel™ N350 is a natural dimethicone alternative manufactured by INOLEX Inc. LuxGlide N350 is a product with identical INCI sold by Crafter’s Choice. It appears that LuxGlide N350 is the Crafter’s Choice brand name for LexFeel™ N350 as the INCIs are identical it is not listed independently in UL Prospector (the Crafter’s Choice URL for this product ends in “LuxFeel-N350“). I have yet to find a product named “LexFeel™ N350” sold to home crafters—they all seem to be called LuxGlide N350.

INOLEX has an entire line of LexFeel™ products, with different products designed to function as alternatives for different silicones. The LexFeel™ N series (N5, N20, N50, N100, N200, and N350) all have the same INCI but are intended to be alternatives for different silicones, so make sure you aren’t just matching the INCI with this ingredient.

INCI Diheptyl Succinate (and) Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer
Appearance Semi-viscous clear liquid.
Usage rate I’ve seen widely varied ranges. Crafter’s Choice states 0.5–3% on their product detail page, while Wholesale Supplies Plus mentions 5–30% in this article. I have not found any information about maximum safe usage rates; some INOLEX sample formulations for their LexFeel™ N series use LexFeel™ N ingredients at 80%+ of the formulation.
Texture Smooth, slippy, rich.
Scent Faint, vaguely chemically
Approximate Melting Point LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 is liquid at room temperature.
Solubility LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 is oil soluble.
Why do we use it in formulations? LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ serves a similar role as dimethicone 350 in formulations. It improves skin feel, enhances shine, reduces tackiness, can reduce greasiness, and can be used to wet/disperse pigments in colour cosmetics.
Do you need it? No, but it is a useful silicone alternative if you wish to keep your formulations silicone-free.
Refined or unrefined? LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 only exists as a refined product.
Strengths LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ is an easy, natural alternative to dimethicone 350.
Weaknesses I don’t find LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ to be quite as slippy and rich as dimethicone 350.
Alternatives & Substitutions Dimethicone 350 would be the easiest alternative.

You could also try rich, slippy oils as an alternative (something like oat oil), though these will not offer the same level of de-tack-ifying and skin smoothing. The importance of this is very formula dependent, and I also find perceptions of stickiness/tackiness are very personal. If you’re not very sensitive to stickiness (or just plain ol’ don’t mind it) you are less likely to notice the loss of silicone in a formulation.

How to Work with It LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ can be included in the heated phase of your products, but it does not need to be heated.
Storage & Shelf Life Stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, LuxGlide N350 should last approximately one year.
Tips, Tricks, and Quirks Check out this article from Wholesale Supplies Plus to learn more about this ingredient.
Recommended starter amount 30mL (1fl oz)
Where to Buy it Buy it from an online DIY ingredient supplier. In the USA, LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 can be purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus. In Canada, LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350 can be purchased from Windy Point Soap

Some Formulations that Use LuxGlide N350 / LexFeel™ N350


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December 2, 2020