Rosehip Oil

What is it? The oil pressed from the seeds of the rosehip plant.
Appearance Pale yellow liquid.
Texture Thin and smooth.
Scent Slight oily scent, nothing too noticeable, though I’ve heard some versions have a fruity tea-like scent.
Absorbency Speed Super fast—rosehip oil is a “drying” oil that sinks into the skin in an instant, leaving it feeling dry to the touch.
Solubility Oil
Why do we use it in formulations? It’s rich in vitamin C and sinks into the skin really quickly.
Do you need it? No, but it’s a nice luxury oil.
Refined or unrefined? I’ve only ever used refined, and I like it.
Strengths Fast absorbency speed, vitamin rich.
Weaknesses It can aggravate acne, and can cause light sensitivity if it gets in your eyes. It’s also a bit pricey.
Alternatives & Substitutions Hazelnut oil is a good alternative in terms of absorbency speed.
How to Work with It Thanks to its super-fast absorption speed, it’s really useful for lightening up oil blends.
Storage & Shelf Life Stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, rosehip oil should last at least two years.
Tips, Tricks, and Quirks It can aggravate acne if used in high concentrations.
Recommended starter amount 100mL (3.3fl oz) or less
Where to Buy it Buy it from an online DIY ingredient supplier or Amazon.

Some Formulations that Use Rosehip Oil



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September 19, 2016

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