I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that it’s finally warm out. It’s supposed to be 28°C (82°F) tomorrow! That’s amazing! That’s nearly double the average temperature for this time of year, which is to say spring has sprung decidedly early for this part of the world. My tulips started coming up in early March, I had to mow my lawn before April was out, and I’ve already earned my first sunburn (oops). All this warm weather and these sunny breezes are making me think about freshening up my house and my wardrobe, and while I’m no Martha Stuart, here’s what I’m doing these days.


Opening windows

This one’s not terribly exciting, but I love having fresh air dancing through my home again. On particularly nice days I’m popping open windows and letting the fresh air breathe new life into stale rooms and carry away the cozy-gone-old smells of winter.

Changing sheets & packing away heavy bedding

I do this tentatively, as Calgary has a tendency to whip a spring snowstorm at you as soon as you trade in your fleece sheets for cotton ones. While you’re at it, refresh your mattress with this fantastic bandit’s oil mattress refreshing powder.


Diffusing essential oils

This is something I do all year, but at this time of year I am in love with bright, fresh scents like pine, fir, spruce, and camphor. Check out my scent blends from my Canadian Inspired Essential Oil Blends back in 2014 for some fantastic spring scent ideas that’ll have you longing to be outdoors.



I’m not sure what it is about May in particular, but May just makes me want to pack up and head somewhere new; call it spring cleaning for the soul. In a few short days I’ll be heading across the world for what’s turning into an annual bit of wandering and a major dose of inspiration. I’m beyond thrilled—follow me on Instagram to see where I am and what I’m doing 🙂

Actual cleaning

Ok, not so exciting, but more in keeping with the spring cleaning theme. Here are some of my favourite DIY cleaners:


Magical Sticky Label Removal Goo

If you, like me, like to re-purpose old jars, you are going to love this stuff. It’s amazing at dissolving the weapons grade adhesive that seems to affix labels to jars these days.


Taking a long, hard look at winter clothes I didn’t wear last winter

If I didn’t wear something winter-y for an entire winter, do I really need it? Probably not. Op shops, here I come! Or perhaps a clothing swap with some girlfriends is in order?

Examine the fridge

I am the sort of person who will make a simple syrup at Thanksgiving, forget about it entirely and find it months later. Fridge cleaning is definitely a thing I need to do… and probably more often than I actually do.

Go through my DIY stash

I’ll sniff my oils—have they gone rancid? Has anything leaked or spilled recently that needs to be cleaned up? Is my packaging in complete disarray (spoiler alert: definitely)? Now’s a great time to sort everything out and toss anything that’s not smelling fresh anymore.

I’ll also take a look at things I’ve got in current use, and things I made lots of and popped in the fridge to use later. If you make as much as I do you might find that “lotion for later” has now been in the back of your fridge for 18 months and should probably be thrown away. Heh. Oops.

Ok, that’s what I do in the spring. What’s on your to-do list? Any traditions you’d like to share?