Today’s recipe is refreshingly easy to whip up, which is perfect considering it’s a Relaxing Essential Oil Roller, and it would be rather counter-intuitive to try and kick-start some relaxation with a crazy complex recipe. You can assemble this roller in no time at all (you don’t even need to leave your ingredient storage area to go to your making area if you don’t want to!) and jump straight into the relaxing. Aaaaah.

When you start researching relaxing and calming essential oils there’s certainly no shortage of suggestions, and while it’s always tempting to make a mega-melange of every essential oil anybody has ever thought was relaxing, I made a conscious effort to keep the blend relatively simple and accessible.

Lavender and bergamot star in the blend. Lavender is the classic relaxing, calming essential oil, and I’d recommend choosing a nice one for this roller—not 40/42. I used a lovely French lavender, and if you’re like me and have far too many kinds of lavender essential oil, this is a good chance to pull ’em all out, do a sniff test, and choose the one you think is the most relaxing and lovely!

I decided to commit to not using this roller on my skin before sun exposure so I could use proper bergamot rather than the variety that’s had its photosensitizing compounds removed. The whole stuff definitely smells more bergamotty, and since we’re going for the aromatherapy angle I though it was best to use the complete thing rather than the modified version. Bergamot is very photosensitizing, though, so after application you need to wait a solid twelve hours before going out in the sun! If you want the benefits of the roller without waiting twelve hours to go out, I recommend just smelling it from the bottle rather than applying it to your skin.

I’ve rounded out the blend with a solitary drop of each German chamomile and rose absolute. I find the chamomile to be very noticeable in the blend, even at just one drop, so I don’t recommend increasing that amount unless you are mad about chamomile. You definitely can use more rose if you’d like—I’ve kept the amount small to be cost effective.

To wrap things up, I’ve left room for you to add other essential oils you enjoy—it’s optional, but I think it’s rather fun to customize and play 😊 Once you’ve got your blend counted into your roller bottle, simply top it off with perfumery alcohol or a light carrier oil, cap, shake, et voila! That’s that. Time to relax 😉

Relaxing Essential Oil Roller

15 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop German chamomile essential oil
10 drops bergamot essential oil
1 drop rose absolute (or 10 drops 10% rose essential oil dilution)

Optional: 10–15 drops of other relaxing/calming essential oils like ylang ylang, frankincense, clary sage, geranium, lemon, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Perfumery alcohol or high-proof clear grain alcohol (minimum 140 proof/70% preferable) or a low scent, fast-absorbing carrier oil (the best choice for those with sensitive skin); to fill

Count the essential oils into a 5ml roller bottle. Top off with perfumery alcohol, and shake to combine. Voila! That’s it.

To use, glide the roller across your pulse points.

Examples of low scent, fast-absorbing carrier oils include grapeseed, safflower, sunflower, sweet almond, apricot kernel, rosehip, camellia seed, and hazelnut. For more information, read this.

Looking for information on essential oil substitutions? Read this.

Wondering about essential oil concentrations? Read this.

This blend is also lovely in an essential oil diffuser—just skip the dilution step and add a few drops of the blend to your favourite diffuser.