I’m big on re-using bottles and all varieties of packages. I go through lots of bottles of essential oils, and then I like to re-use them. But the problem is they always come with super sticky labels that leave an incredibly tacky residue. As I’ve discovered, no amount of soap, scrubbing, or soaking will get it off. But you know what will? Cooking oil.

All you’ll need is a bit of cheap vegetable oil (I’ve used canola in the past—coconut is also a good choice since it’s semi-solid to start with) on a coarse scrubby pad. Scrub off the sticker residue; it’ll be a cinch. If it’s a stubborn label, soak leave the oil on it to soak for a while before scrubbing. You’ll need to follow up with soap to get the oil off, but after that, your bottle will be like brand new. I’ve used this trick to get decade-old masking tape adhesive off doors, and it also works wonders on oil bottles that have gotten all sticky on the outside.

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