Request a Video

I love how videos give me a chance to really show how things work—how bentonite is different from kaolin, or how shea butter and cocoa butter (USA / Canada) aren’t even close to the same! It makes them great for not only recipes, but also getting to know ingredients, and really seeing why and how some things work while others don’t.

So, if you’ve always wanted to see one of my recipes in action, or are wondering just what something looks like in real-time, please request a video!

Just a few notes:

  1. If you’re requesting a video of a recipe, it needs to be one of my projects.
  2. If you want to get in touch with a question, please don’t use this form—comment on the relevant blog entry, or send me an email at me [at] I do not reply to submissions from this form.
  3. If you’ve seen a post or video on my blog, please don’t use this form to ask me where it is. That is why I have a search box—please use it 🙂 Also, I won’t reply—I don’t have the time.


    I understand that I will not receive a reply to anything I submit through this form.
    I solemnly swear that this is a DIY request and not a question.