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Links to online shops all over the world that sell DIY ingredients

Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. Links displayed like this indicate I’ve personally shopped or worked with the supplier and have had good experiences—obviously these suppliers are heavily skewed towards Canadian suppliers as I live in Canada! This doesn’t mean the other suppliers aren’t good, just that I haven’t ever ordered from them.

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  • Penstia™ powder
    What is it? Penstia™ powder is a white powder additive for our emulsions and makeup to improve slip and feel. INCI Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol Crosspolymer Appearance Clumpy white powder Usage …
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  • Should I take a course?
    You may have heard this saying before: “Cheap, fast, good: pick two.” That’s pretty relevant if you are considering taking …
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