I’ve had at least three or four requests for this rose argan body conditioner (inspired by a similar one by Lush), so I figured it must be pretty awesome. I’ve never tried the original, but it gets rave reviews for everything buts its price and the parabens that extend its shelf life.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

The original contains a lot of ingredients, as seems to be the Lush prerogative. In order to make the recipe more accessible, and easier to make in smaller quantities (since we’re ditching the parabens), I trimmed down the ingredients list. First off was taking six different butters and carrier oils down to four—the four easiest to acquire/most important ones.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

As in the original, sweet almond oil (USA / Canada) is the #1 oil in this cream. It’s a great, relatively light moisturizing oil, and it’s pretty affordable, especially when compared to argan oil (USA / Canada). If you’re allergic to nuts, grapeseed or safflower oil are both good alternatives.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

Up next is some unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)—one of my favourite moisturizing oils. Argan oil is the third oil, bringing along its high Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) content and all-around wondrous properties.  And lastly, capuacu butter, for a silky moisturizing boost.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

The water part is steeped with goji berries and strained before whisking the two parts together. Goji berries have become a bit famous in the last few years as a nutrient-dense superfood. Here they contribute some goodies like vitamin C and antioxidants.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

And last, but not least, a few essential oils. Rose & geranium contribute a nice floral note, while the vanilla rounds it out and some litsea cubeba brightens the blend.

How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner

The original is intended to be used in the shower, and then rinsed off before you lightly towel yourself dry. You can definitely do that with this one, though it also makes a wonderful lotion.

Rose Argan Body Conditioner

180g | 6.08 fl oz distilled water
15 goji berries

144g | 4.9 fl oz goji berry water
6g | 0.21oz vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada)

14g | 0.49oz complete emulsifying wax (not beeswax!)
15g | 0.53oz sweet almond oil
10g | 0.35oz unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)
6g | 0.21oz argan oil (USA / Canada)
5g | 0.17oz capuacu butter

1 drop rose absolute
3 drops geranium essential oil
6 drops litsea cubeba essential oil
8 drops 10 fold vanilla essential oil

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Pour the boiling water over the goji berries and let steep for 10 minutes. (Veronika has brought it to my attention that using just-boiled water will damage some of the vitamin C, so I’d now recommend boiling the water, letting it cool until it is just warm to the touch [under 45°C], and then doing a room temperature infusion for at least 30 minutes.)

While the goji berry water steeps, weigh out the oils and emulsifying wax, and melt them together in a small saucepan over medium low heat.

Strain the goji berry water and save 144g (4.9 fl oz) of it. Mix that with 6g (0.21oz) of vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada) in a small glass measuring cup and warm through, stirring to combine.

Once the oils have melted, add the warmed goji berry water mixture, heat through, and remove from the heat.

Whisk the mixture as it cools (the thickening may take a few days if you are using a different emulsifying wax from emulsimulse/ritamulse). Once it is close to room temperature, whisk in the essential oils and preservative.

To store, decant into a pump-top bottle. I used a jar for pretty pictures, but using a pump-top bottle will help extend the shelf life of the lotion as you won’t be sticking your fingers into it. I’d also recommend using a plastic bottle if you intend on storing the lotion in your shower, as broken glass in a shower is not a good way to start a day 😉

This recipe makes approximately 240mL/8 fl oz of lotion.

Don’t have the oils called for in the recipe? Check this out.

New to lotion making? Watch my basic lotion how to video!

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How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner How to Make Rose Argan Body Conditioner