Bath oil conjures up images of claw-footed cast iron tubs, silken bathrobes, and cavernous candle-lit bathrooms in my mind. I am not lucky enough to have any of these things, but I can have bath oil (and candles, I suppose), and most of the time my imagination fills in the rest quite nicely.


This bath oil is particularly awesome because it uses Turkey red oil (the country, not the bird). You are likely wondering what is so special about this oil, and the gist of it is that it’s not out to team up with your bathtub and kill you in some spectacular 3 Stooges style fall. Turkish red oil is castor oil (USA / Canada) that has been sulfated, meaning they’ve added some sulphuric acid. Not to worry, it doesn’t burn your skin off—what is does is automatically emulsifies itself into your bathwater, and emulsifies the essential oils along with it. It’s amazing. No oil floats, no oil slicks, no oil rings—just wonderfully soft skin.


I choose essential oils known for their relaxing, comforting properties. Naturally I started with lavender, and then complimented it with benzoin and rose. The resulting scent is relaxing, warm, and pleasantly floral.


Rose & Lavender Bath Oil

250mL Turkey Red Oil
20 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops benzoin essential oil
2 drops rose absolute

Combine all the ingredients in a 250mL/8oz bottle and shake to combine.

To use, add 15–30mL (1–2tbsp) to your bathwater.

If you don’t have Turkey Red Oil, you can use any other liquid carrier oil you like, though it will not work anywhere near as well since it’ll just float on top of your bath oil and make a mess/slipping hazard. Be careful!