I can’t believe it either, but it’s time for Valentine’s Day soap already. Yipes! I actually made this soap back in December to have time to let it age before taking pictures—I imagine this is what it’s like to work in the print publishing business. Christmas catalogue proofs in August and what not. Anyhow, I digress. This lovely pink & white soap is great for Valentine’s Day, but lovely all year round. This is the first recipe I used with my new circular silicone soap mould, too, so that’s exciting (I do love round soaps).



After I made my Vinolia recreation soap I became quite enamoured with the rose & lemon scent combination, and decided to branch out. I went with pink grapefruit essential oil instead of lemon for a similar (but not too strong) bright citrus note. I did use a rose fragrance oil (I would have needed about $400 of rose essential oil for this recipe), but you’re welcome to use the real stuff if you’ve just won the lottery or something.

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The soap gets its colour from three places. The creamy whiteness is thanks to some titanium dioxide (with a bit of help from white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)), and the pink is from a small scoop of Australian Pink Clay.

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Rose & Pink Grapefruit Valentine’s Soap

20% olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada)
20% rice bran oil (or olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada))
25% refined coconut oil (USA / Canada)
15% unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)
15% lard
5% castor oil (USA / Canada)

5% superfat (aka 5% lye discount)

Per 500g (1.1lbs) oils:

Calculate your recipe using SoapCalc to get your final, finite amounts of the fats, lye, and water.

Follow standard soap making procedure. At trace add the essential/fragrance oils, white kaolin clay (USA / Canada), and titanium dioxide. Use an immersion blender to thoroughly blend the powders into the soap (otherwise you will have little clumps).

Pour half the soap into your mould. Add the Australian Pink Clay (or your red/pink colourant of choice) to the remaining soap and blend it in. Pour the remaining soap into your mould. Swirl, if desired.

Let saponify for 24 hours before un-moulding and slicing. Let cure for a minimum of three weeks before using. Enjoy & happy Valentine’s Day!

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