I think rosehip oil is about to become the next big thing in commercialized natural skincare, making the leap to Sephora shelves a la argan oil (USA / Canada) & Josie Maran. It’s starting to pop up on my non-natural/DIY beauty Pinterest feeds, accompanied by photographs of supermodels, glowing bottles with beautiful labels, and gushing reviews.


And why shouldn’t it make it big? Rosehip oil really is fantastic. High in vitamins A & E,  it’s great for encouraging healing and regeneration. It promotes collagen and elastin levels, and can be used to treat everything from sunburns to wrinkles. And, best of all for those who don’t enjoy the feeling of oil on their skin, rosehip oil is a “drying” oil, meaning it absorbs in a flash, leaving your skin hydrated and dewy, but not at all oily.


I wanted to bring rosehip oil into my daily routine, and I decided to bring another oil along for the ride. That oil is tamanu oil—a cloudy, brown oil from Madagascar. Tamanu is praised as a fantastic healing oil, for everything from bug bites and infections to acne and diaper rash. Because it’s solid at room temperature a pairing with a liquid oil was necessary for easy application, and rosehip oil sounded like a perfect partner.

You'll want to place your bottle of <a href=

tamanu oil in a hot water bath for a few minutes to liquify.” width=”500″ height=”332″ /> You’ll want to place your bottle of tamanu oil in a hot water bath for a few minutes to liquify.

I gave the resulting oil blend a small boost with two essential oils—frankincense and helichrysum. Frankincense has been prized for centuries for its healing and rejuvenating properties, and helichrysum is a favourite of mine for all my healing needs.


The resulting oil blend is lovely. I’ll spread it all over my face, or just use it as a spot treatment for areas that need a healing boost (zits, if we’re being frank). It absorbs quickly and has a mild, woodsy/nutty scent that dissipates quickly. It helps speed along healing really well when applied before bedtime (it made quick work of some, err, booboos on my chin that usually hang around for ages), and I’m thrilled to have it as part of my medicine/beauty cabinet.


Rosehip & Tamanu Healing Facial Serum

10mL | 0.33 fl oz rosehip oil
5mL | 0.16 fl oz tamanu oil

1 drop frankincense essential oil
1 drop helichrysum essential oil

1 (15mL/half ounce) glass bottle with a dropper top

Measure the oils out into the bottle. Top with the essential oils. Cap & shake to combine.

To use, massage a few drops into the skin, or use as a spot treatment.